Drawings created by Josef Jelinek

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The following two pictures were my first and for a long time the only serious attempt at drawing. The originals are watercolor paintings by Zdenek Burian. I do not remember how much time the pictures took. I think few hours. I used thin roller (ball ink-pen). (A4 size)

cave lion drawing dinosaurus drawing

The following drawings took me 10 to 30 minutes each and were created all in one row without an interrupt. I have used thin black marker for these drawings, which is not the best, but I did not have anything else anyway. In addition, paper for printers that I used was not the best choice.

The first picture was created only by my hand, not my mind. So I did not know what it would look like until it was finished. (A5 size)

nature drawing

The following pictures were inspired by some photos I found. (less than A4 size)

wolf head drawing lizzard drawing lion drawing

The following picture is an experiment with colored pencils. I used only six colors I found at home and one standard HB pencil. The only colors used in the picture are shown in the bottom-left corner of the picture. As you can see all colors (except black) are quite bright and not very suitable to use for drawing nature. I had to mix the colors properly to obtain needed effect. Because of this fact, this picture can be called painting instead of drawing. (less than A4 size)

nature colored pencil drawing

At this point I started draw images on request. All of them were gifts so far. The first two are christmas 2006 gifts.

tiger painting tiger colored pencil drawing

The following two are christmas 2007 gifts.

wolf drawing horse drawing

There are more drawings I made, but I usually do not scan the pictures before I give them away, so these scans are what I got from the owners (in addition, I do not have control over the quality of the scanned images). home

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